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The Story
Of Mystics 

Let's start with the basics: What is a Mystic Cat? 

A Mystic Cat is a cat that was once a normal cat who got promoted by the Mystic Ruler... and now is a Mystic!  

Meet Lord of all Mystics. They are the current Mystic Ruler. This Mystic Cat is the head of all the breeds of Mystic. Lord of All Mystics was born in the Pistol Star (the biggest star in the Milky Way Galaxy). 

Duties: Keep all the Mystics safe. Attend the promotion of every new Mystic. Sit in the Mystic Throne. 

Likes: Fancy Feast Cat Food (with black truffle salt); cat treats; and The Warriors book series by Erin Hunter. 

Dislikes: DOGS! Cosmic Litter. And Feather Mystic. 


First there was CATATOR, the Mystic Ruler so powerful that it created the flow of all Time.

Catator was ousted after trying to steal the Legendary Mystic Artifacts. Their plan was thwarted, but one artifact was stolen by a Mystic Guardian. The power corrupted the Guardian, and he eventually became DARK STORM, the single most evil Mystic in the entirety of the Universe. 

CATATOR was succeeded by WILDFIRE, a good ruler of the Mystic World but he had No Mercy, and was quick to declare war whenever possible.

Wildfire was eventually voted out by the citizens of Mystic World. 

Next came FEATHER MYSTIC, a Mystic Ruler known for its massive set of wings and that it is two Mystics in one. Feather Mystic was a very good leader. But Feather Mystic tragically encountered a rare metal called CATANIUM that stripped it of all powers. Feather Mystic had no choice but to abdicate. 

And so we arrive in the era of today: LORD OF ALL MYSTICS (yes, that's it's real name) 


How are Mystics Promoted?


The Mystic Promotion Ceremony!

At the Mystic Promotion Ceremony,  the Mystic Ruler and the most recently promoted Mystic come together to power the genie bottle, so a new Mystic can be promoted. 

In this picture (at left), Lord of All Mystics (current Mystic Ruler) and Ocelot Mystic attend the promotion ceremony of Valentine's Mystic!

Very rarely, one Mystic can become two. And once EVER, it can become three. Valentine's Mystic is three cats in one!

How does a Mystic become the Mystic Ruler? 

Every Mystic Ruler has a deputy. When a Mystic Ruler abdicates, is voted out, or dies, their deputy becomes the Mystic Ruler. 

That deputy must travel a long, and hard journey all the way to the Pistol Star, where all Mystic Ruler promotion ceremonies take place. 

After they are crowned, they choose their deputy. 

The current Mystic Ruler deputy is a Mystic cat named... Mystic

Meet the Mystics

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